What We Do


Interior Detailing

Attention to Detail is Everything Here

We have the experience and skills necessary to bring your cars interior back to that new car feeling. We tailor our approach based on the finishes and material types found in your particular vehicle. 


We offer;

  • Vacuuming with automotive specific attachments

  • Anti-Bacterial wipe down of all surfaces using a specialised automotive cleaner

  • Leather cleanser and beeswax conditioner

  • Pressurised steam clean

  • Window degrease and polish (safe for tint)

  • Cloth seat shampoo and extraction, stain removal

  • Faded panel restoration

  • Interior plastics protective coating

  • Cloth seat protective coating


Exterior Detailing

The Key Here is Minimising Scratches

Sure you can get a sponge and a bucket of soapy water, so why hire us to wash your car? We don't just wash the exterior, we detail it! We follow industry leading techniques such as the 2 bucket wash method and use good condition microfibre equipment to wash the exterior. We have specific equipment for each part of your car, including microfibre sponges that will only ever touch wheels, we hate cross contamination. We use purpose built pressure washers and attachments.  


We Offer;

  • Foam cannon Pre-Wash to remove as much dirt and road grime as possible (Contactless)

  • PH neutral washdown with microfibre mitt

  • High pressure water rinse off

  • Iron removing wheel cleaning agents

  • Filtered warm air car dryer blowing at around 270km/h (Contacless)

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Large microfibre drying towels

  • Sio2 Infused spray sealants

  • Traditional carnauba spray waxes

  • Paint sealants 

  • Window cleaning 

  • Window protective coatings

  • Long Lasting Gel tyre dressings

  • Exterior plastics restorations and protection


Paint Correction

Thoroughness in Preparation is the key here

Many people have told me horror stories of cutting and polishing gone wrong. That will not happen when you call me. I am always up to date with the latest techniques and market leading products. A lot of my products are sourced internationally and thoroughly tested. I also take every precaution like testing on an inconspicuous spot first as every cars paint responds differently. After seeing the reaction ill then plan how best to proceed on the vehicle. Preparation is all too often overlooked, without preparing the paint and removing the contaminants you will never be able to effectively bring that clarity and shine to the clearcoat. I love transforming a tired old paintjob into a reflective light show and seeing that smile on my customers face. I find the most satisfaction in this part of my job.


We Offer;

  • PH neutral chemical decontamination of the paint (removes Iron, Tar, Industrial Fallout etc) 

  • Mechanical decontamination through clay bar and lubricant (Removes whatever stubborn contaminants are left)

  • 1-3 Stage cut and polish using a Dual Action Polisher 

  • Isopropyl Alcohol wipe down to remove excess compounds

  • Paint sealants

  • Spray Waxes

  • Traditional Waxes

  • Ceramic Coatings

Rupes 6.jpg

We Use Market Leading Products

Ensuring the Best Finish Possible

The detailing industry is rapidly evolving and adapting to needs of detailers and the needs of the customers, which is why I am always putting in time and effort to testing new products on the market, usually on my own vehicles first making sure I'm giving you the best product on offer. Detailing is a bigger industry overseas so I get a lot of my products from there as I find they are better researched and manufactured. 

We use brands like;

  • Gyeon

  • Menzerna 

  • Rupes Bigfoot 

  • Bissel

  • Septone

  • Meguiars

  • BigBoi

  • Turtle Wax

  • Bowden's Own


Ceramic Coatings

Strong Long Lasting Hydrophobic Protection

Ceramic Coatings are currently leading the market on protection for your vehicles paint. They can be applied easily, but their effectiveness comes from proper preparation, installation techniques and controlled conditions. For these coatings I prefer to take your vehicle offsite to a private garage to make sure I can control as many factors as possible to ensure as long a life as possible out of your coating. We also offer an ongoing maintenance package tailored to your needs to maintain that coating, so much effort and time goes into getting the paint correct before locking it in with a ceramic coating that we want it to last. Most coatings I recommend give 12+ months of protection from uv damage, bird droppings, paint fade, chemical damage and oxidisation. Ceramic coatings do more than offer protection, they also offer incredible gloss level, easier cleaning, resistance to contaminants and depth of colour enhancement. Ceramic infusion comes in many packages not just for the paintwork but also for seats, glass, interior surfaces and wheels.

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.