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About Crystallize Mobile Detailing

Hi, my name is Jesse and I run this business with my Wife Chelsea, we run a few businesses but car detailing is one I particularly enjoy. Cars are a passion of mine. Ever since my father brought home his shiny Ford Cortina painted in Candy red with that stunning shine I've always been in love with the finish that can be achieved. Growing up I've always sought after cars that look a little different or have something special or unique about them. In the process of detailing the paint you go over every curve in the car usually multiple times and I just love the symmetry of the straight lines, the curves and the angles.


I also know that its getting harder and harder to find honest reliable people to do work for you. That is what I have built with Crystallize, a business that connects myself with the owner, no middle man or low payed labourer, I want to make sure you and your vehicle get the best care, whether it's just an interior detail or a 3 day paint correction with a ceramic coating. 

Often your vehicle is your 2nd largest valuable asset behind a house so why would you trust it to a $30 automatic car wash or those carpark detailing shops? Yes its convenient but that's where I come in, convenience at it's finest, I'm fully mobile offering a full range of detailing options at your house at a time that suits you! 

A big fact to consider when purchasing a vehicle is resale price, what is this car going to be worth in X amount of years? We offer plans with varying frequency to enable you to protect your investment. Modern manufacturing is effective but UV rays will damage your cars paint over time if you don't protect it. It's incredibly easy to scratch the exterior of your vehicle while washing, yes these can be pulled out before you sell in most cases but each car has a finite amount of clearcoat protecting the paint, at some point it will bleed through and damage the colour. around the year protection is the best solution. 

As a true car enthusiast give me a call to have a chat about how to best protect your car today. 

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